The Strengthening and Definition of Abdominals with Active Electrical Stimulation Using Acefit Bodytec Enhanced EMS Training device.

The Strengthening and Definition of Abdominals with Active Electrical Stimulation Using Acefit Bodytec Enhanced EMS Training device.

  • Posted On November 21, 2018 by Admin

Training abdominal muscles with electrical stimulation has already become acommon and fairly widespread practice. The results are undoubtedly satisfactory in the majority of cases and the benefits for the bone structure andligaments have been sufficiently Proven


What makes abdominal training with electro stimulation a success? The answer to this question is already clear for everyone: to exercise abdominal muscles is not enough, it is necessary to eliminate the layers of fat that cover them, so the muscular development of this area is based on three factors in which electro stimulation or electro fitness has proven its effectiveness:

  1.  Reduction of the superficial fats : Active electro stimulation or electro fitness is based on the combination ofpinpointed electrical impulses and a routine of constant physical exercise which cause a significant increase of energy consumption.
  2. The simultaneous exercise of all muscular groups : In order for all abdominal muscles to be toned and a general strengthening of the area known as the core, it is essential to concentrate on the work which is carried out on the whole body, including aerobic exercises.In the majority of active electro stimulation or electro fitness equipment,
    between 9 and 10 muscular groups are activated during the training session.The vests or Bio-Jackets are equipped with 10 pairs of electrodes that work individually on the control over the exing and stretching of the muscles, assuring the stress reduction of each muscle and an improvement in the effectiveness of physical exercise.
  3. A correct and controlled exercise of the abdominal muscles:During the electro stimulation training, the intensity of the impulses is gradually intensified without the sensation of brusqueness or overstrain. The strength,intensity and duration of the impulses may be adjusted to suit each person.The intervals between the impulses can also be adjusted in accordance with the level of training and the frequency of the exercises. Although the main action of ElectroFitness is aimed at the figure (reaffirming and toning), there are specific kinds of metabolic programs in some equipment, generally with frequencies between 5 and 7 Hz and more supercial pulses focused on a dermal action, improving the quality of tissue: the “orange peel skin” effect, stretches, accidity etc.The results obviously depend on each specific case, bearing in mind factorssuch as age, type of metabolism and muscular fibers, physical condition etc. Women who have given birth particularly benefit from abdominal training withelectro stimulation, as the quick and effective strengthening of the muscles that form the perineum decrease the separation of the abdominal muscles. Besides the specific training of abdominals in the gym, beauty centre, or specialized centre, it is always recommended to exercise in an active and multidisciplinary way. Aerobic exercise outdoors and oxygenation are a great help for a slim and healthy figure.  The Final factor, which is very important and perhaps depends on a huge percentage of the success with regards to abdominal training with electro stimulation is, as we know – food. The recommendations do not differ much when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet: low fat, low carbohydrates, proteins, low sugar, and many vegetables.

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