Fitness Benfits

Fitness goal differ from every individual. There can be universally common protocol or it can be customized to your needs. We prefer both, based on our client’s need. Enhanced EMS offers solution to all your fitness needs, more powerfully and in record time.

Your fitness goal might be:

  • I need to shed my fat, lose weight and slim my waist circumference
  • I have bit of a fatty belly. Otherwise I’m healthy and fit. I just wanna get rid of those excess fat in my abs.
  • I had a fabulous figure. I lost my shape post pregnancy. I wanna regain my shape and structure
  • I’m nearing my 40’s. It’s time to be fit before it is lost forever.
  • My bones are getting weaker. I need to maintain my bone as well as overall wellness.
  • No time to work out. But I want to be fit.
  • I’m exhausted with my hectic life style and busy routines. I need to refresh and rejuvenate.
  • I want to look young & good forever. I want to be healthy and fit.
  • I have back pain and hip pain. My muscles are getting weaker. I need to get rid of my pain in a healthy way and strengthen my muscles.
  • I want to get rid of cellulites and want to have a bikini figure.
  • I need to tone my body and build muscles.
  • I’m need a strong body, chiseled chest, six pack abs, good biceps, healthy back, healthy hip and strong legs.
  • I’m exhausted with my hectic life style and busy routines. I need to refresh and rejuvenate.

If any of these are your fitness goal and if you want better fitness programs than the regular gym and diet plans, then Enhanced EMS might be a fitting solution for you.

  • EEMS works effective on your deep muscles (or) lean muscles which are tougher for a common man through normal workouts.
  • Specific muscle workout is possible and more effective through EEMS
  • Burns more fat, builds lean mass muscles more effectively, thus, gains muscle while losing weight and size.
  • Improves your overall energy level, helps regulating your metabolism, improves your blood circulation, collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage system.
  • EEMS brings result faster than the regular workouts. You need just one or two 20 minutes session per week.
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