EEMS Training system is more than a fitness device or a fitness program. It involves medical science and Trainers skill. Essentially, the concept Electric Muscle Stimulation is a healthcare technology that has proven its efficacy time and again. Especially, in physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications.  Electric Muscle Stimulation is in clinical application for several decades now.

Continuous research process in every field, products are getting better and better with every passing years. Science and technology have brought in amazing advancements and widespread of extended applications.  Electric muscle stimulation technology was fortunate to experience one such massive technological advancement. It is no more limited to physiotherapy applications. It has extended its applications in beauty, fitness and sports training.

Now, Electric Muscular stimulator is used for:

Fat loss and weight loss, Slimming and size reduction, anticellulite, muscle building, body toning, endurance improvements, rehabilitation, rejuvenation and preventive care.

What is EMS ?

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training is a comprehensive training system which uses electrical impulses. In daily life, our central nervous system constantly sends electrical impulses to control our muscular actions. Electrical Muscle Stimulation uses this natural principle to reach the deepest muscular layers which are otherwise hard to activate through common training.


EMS sends electrical impulses to make intensive muscle contractions. For each intensive contraction, fat burning process is accelerated to meet the energy requirements of the muscles. The intense of such impulses reach effectively till deepest muscle layer help gaining lean muscle. Thus, EMS is effective in fat loss, weight loss, energy gain and muscle gain. This is possible, thanks to the EMS Training suit, a special training Biosuit that provides additional stimulus to the muscle from the outside.


In a training session of 20 minutes, 8,400 to 120,000 impulses are given. The effects of accelerated fat burn remain even after the training session. An average of 1000-3000 Kcal are burnt between sessions. EMS offers deep actions and best sensations.

ACEFIT BODYTEC is an Enhanced EMS Training. You need to try it to experience its sheer magical and spellbinding sensation.


We all have two types of muscle fiber slow-twitch and fast-twitch. Understanding how each of these works is the key to ensuring a workout that will really get results.

Slow-twitch muscle fibers support endurance activities like walking, swimming and cycling. These fibers are always stimulated first during exercise. They contract slowly so they can keep moving for a long time without getting tired.

Fast-twitch fibers support quick, powerful movements, like jumping or sprinting. They contract quickly, consume a lot of energy and deliver the strength and power you need to spring into action.

To improve your overall strength, fitness and body tone, it’s important to flex both types of muscle fiber. EMS specifically targets those harder to reach fast-twitch fibers, boosting the effects of your workout.

During EMS Training, we externally create and send electrical impulses (signals) to the muscles which are identical/ similar to the body’s impulses/ signals that are sent through Central Nervous system. These signals are received as commands by the muscles to twitch through repeated contractions and relaxations. EMS signals used for fitness training are medium to low frequency. They aren’t characterized to penetrate deep beyond your muscle layers so they cannot reach internal organs or harm them. Thus, EMS signals are safe to train, as proven scientifically. Muscles are the key source to consume energy that are stored in the form of fat. Stronger and deeper the muscle contractions, higher the fat burning and muscle building. This is the key science of EMS training.

What is Enhanced EMS ?

In our pursuit of providing supremacy in technology, uncompromised excellence in user experience (trainee) and opulence to our franchisee partners, we have strived hard to bring best in terms of quality, innovation and technology, steps ahead of others.


The supremacy of the European made EEMS devices is exhibited in every essence of its quality and technology;thanks to ACEFIT BODYTEC EEMS TRAINING SYSTEMS. Royal Fitness Club is the authorized associates of ACEFIT BODYTEC in Middle East and Asia.


Three variants of EMS Devices and its variety of sub-users, allow us to choose devices deem best fit for our clients. ACEFIT BODYTEC has an uncompromising conviction of being uncompromised. Truly uncompromised. The needs of each clients are different. ACEFIT addresses them with personalized care.


The wireless module that allows up to 10 users (8 users is general cases and 10 users in special case), the supremacy of radio frequency against Bluetooth that gives controlled coverage of 150 meters and up to 5000 meters signal-free usage. ACEFIT BODYTEC EEMS Training Systems are truly whole-body EMS training. With its unique option of adding shoulder, fore arm and calf muscle stimulation which are new to the industry and helps in body toning, sports training and rehab process more effective.


The supreme neoprene Bio-suits poses anti-bacterial, odorless characteristics makes it class ahead. It allows the trainer a free-hand to choose the placement of electrodes in any body that are covered by the Bio-Suit. The deep and powerful signals are significant. It helps burning the fat more effectively even after the session of EEMS.


The characteristics or technology of ACEFIT BODYTEC’S Enhanced EMS are truly a genius kind and hence gained the accolade of bringing Enhancement to the regular EMS Training process.


ACEFIT BODYTEC is Enhanced EMS Training. You need to try it to experience its sheer magical and spellbinding sensation.

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Why EMS ?


  • Results are visible within 90 days in 93% of clients
  • Effect of 20 mins of ems training= several hours of conventional training
  • 18x times more powerful than regular workouts
  • Activates 90% of your muscles simultaneously

Burns fat 77% more effectively

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